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Rifle Mag And Rifle Mag Accessories

Please note-High capacity mags cannot be sent to some areas:
No mags to New York City
No mags over 10 rounds to:
California-no mag over 10rds/ Hawaii-no pistol mag over 10rds
Massachusetts-no mag over 10rd/ New York State-no mag over 10rds
NO mag over 12 rounds:
Chicago, IL-no mag over 12rds
No mag over 15 rounds:
Aurora Ill-no mag over 15rds/New Jersey-no mag over 15rds
South Bend, IN-no mag over 15rds
No mag over 20 rounds
Maryland-no mag over 20 rounds

There may be other restricted areas. This list was compiled from the best data we could compile. We make no claim that this is a complete list. Check your local laws as it is up to you to be sure that any mag you order is legal in your area. By ordering you are acknowledging that you have knowledge of your local laws, that you are of the proper age to purchase and it is legal for you to buy and own merchandise you buy from us!

Rifle Mags

M1 Carbine Mag

M1 Carbine 30 Round Magazine MAG-M1C30RD

Need extra mags for that .30 cal M1 Carbine. These 30 round mags give you that extra firepower. These new producion mags are the highest quality, made for military and police use. Why settle for less quality mags

MAG-M1C30RD $14.99 

Detailed Information:

Mags are made of high quality steel with high grade spring and metal follower. Mags hold 30 rounds of .30 cal M1 Carbine ammo. Finished in a beautiful black finish, designed to give you years of hard use.


  • Use: M1 Carbine .30 cal
  • Capacity: 30 Rounds
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 6 1/2"
  • Weight: .25 lb
  • Material: Steel
   M1 Carbine Mag

Mag for the M76 8mm Sniper Rifle

Mag for the Yugo M76 sniper rifle in 8mm Mauser caliber. These incredible rifles are now surfacing and these are original Yugoslavian mags for these guns. Hurry, small shipment.
MAG-M7610 $59.99 

Mag for the GSG 22 Cal Pistol and Rifle

Just in, and a quick hit! These mags are for the GSG 22cal HK clones, fit both the rifles and pistols and hold 22 rounds.
MAG-GSG22MAG22 $22.99 

Selling this item out, there will be no future availability. Get them while you can! New lower price!

Mag for the Enfield #1 .303

10 round magazine for the #1 series .303 Enfield rifles.
MAG-ENF06 $19.99 

Mag For The HI-POINT 995 Carbine

10 round Mag for the Hi Point 995 9mm Carbine
MAG-HIP01 $29.99 

Mag For The HI-POINT 995 Carbine

15 round Mag for the Hi Point 995 9mm Carbine
MAG-HIPA1 $39.99 

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