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Accessory Items

Solar 12v Charger

Solar Powered Battery Charger 12V ACC-TPS946

Solar powered trickle 12 Volt charger can keep your 12V battery powered device charged and ready to use. Leave hooked up and your 12v battery will always be fully charged. Comes with aligator clip to clip to 12v battery and 12VDC plug to plug in your socket, allowing you to put panel on dash to keep your auto battery charged ready to use.

ACC-TPS946 $24.99 

Detailed Information:

1.5 watt 12 volt solar powred trickle battery charger. Maintains batteries during times of non use, and prevents 12 V batteries from self draining. Built in Diode prevents reverse charging. Blinking blue LED charge indicator. Note: If using on a vehicle, charger must be disconnected before starting vehicle.


  • Condition: New
  • Fitment: 12 Volt batteries
  • Weight: 1.55 lb
  • Color: Black
  • Panel size: 14 x 5 x 1/2"
   Solar 12v Charger

6v Charger

Solar Battery Charger 6V ACC-BLEC6

Solar Trickle 6 Volt charger can keep your 6V battery powered device charged and ready to use. Leave hooked up and your 6v battery always be fully charged.

ACC-BLEC6 $18.99 

Detailed Information:

Great for keeping batteries charged in deer feeders, camping lanterns and flashlights. Constant trickle charges your feeder batteries. Will not overcharge. Includes convenient mounting brackets. Alligator clips attach directly to any spring top or F tab battery.


  • Condition: New
  • Great for keeping batteries charged in deer feeders, lanterns and flashlights
  • Constant trickle charges your 6 volt feeder batteries
  • Will not overcharge
  • Includes convenient mounting brackets
  • Alligator clips attach directly to any spring tab or F tab 6 Volt battery
   6v charger

Compact Binocular

Compact Binocular 8x DOF BIN-BOB821R

Binocular is small enough to carry anywhere, but powerful enough to bring up objects that are at a distance. This binocular is great for concerts, sporting events, shows, birding, anywhere you want to be close to the action

BIN-BOB821R $14.99 

Detailed Information:

Binocular folds togather to easily carry with you. Multi coated lens are bright and clear, and the rubber coating on the outside protects the unit. Includes a carry pouch and lanyard.


  • Power: 8x DOF
  • Size Folded: 4x3x2"
  • Weight: 5.3oz
  • Lens: Ruby
  • Objective Diam: 21mm
   Compact Binocular

CZ Lanyard

Military Pistol Lanyard CZ ACC-CZLAN

Lanyard used by the Czech military and police with the CZ52, CZ82 and Flare Gun Pistols. Lanyard is in excellent surplus condition. Great accessory addition to your military pistol.

ACC-CZLAN $5.99 

Detailed Information:

Lanyard has metal clip on one end and belt loop on other. Lanyard is made of green braided fabric material.


  • Condition: Surplus Excellent
  • Fitment: Pistol with lanyard loop
  • Weight: .01 lb
  • Color: Green
  • Length: appx 36"
CZ Lanyard

Barrel Bore Sight Tool ACC-NEONBORE

Finally a simple USA made tool to light up rifle and pistol bores. Allows you to view the condition of the barrel with this simple, battery free, tool. Simply insert the short part of the J in one end and look down the other. With rifles you simply open the bolt, insert the short J into the chamber and look down the barrel. The barrel is illuminated to easily inspect condition. No batteries to go dead, light is transmitted around the J and where you need it. Great to carry when checking out prospective rifles and pistols, lets you see the barrel condition in an instant. Another tickbitesupply problem solver.

-No batteries needed
-Simple to use and carry
-Fiber Optic Light Transmission
-Gets light to hard to reach places
-Made in the USA
ACC-NEONBORE Neon Bore Sight Tool $1.99 

Need more than one! grab the 2 Pack and save!
ACC-NEONBORE Neon Bore Sight Tool 2 Pack $3.49 

Still need more, we got you covered, How about a 10 pack!
Give them to your friends!

ACC-NEONBORE Neon Bore Sight Tool 10 Pack $14.99 

Trigger Lock Heavy Duty 4 Pin Tumbler

Protect your firearm from unauthorized use with our heavy duty trigger lock with key. Clamps around the trigger guard on most pistols, rifles and shotguns allowing you to control the use of your weapon. Metal housing, Unit comes with 2 keys and rubber pads to protect that prized firearm.

Steyr Mannlicher Muzzle Crown Protector

New very limited item. Wooden Muzzle Cap Barrel protector for the Steyr Straight Pull Rifle! One of the protectors was issued to each unit. Complete that rifle with this rare accessory. Very good surplus condition protector made of wood. Very small amount of these to sell, do not miss this one!

Steyr Cleaning Rod

Steyr Mannlicher M95 Cleaning Rod PAR-STEYRCLRD

Original cleaning rod for the M95 Steyr Mannlicher rifle. These were issued one to each unit, so they are not easily found. Cleaning rod is in military surplus condition, a great addition to any Steyr bolt action rifle owner.


Detailed Information:

Accessory for the straight pull Steyr battle rifle. Cleaning rod is metal with a T handle on one end and patch slot tip on the other. May show signs of long term arsenal storage, may be wrapped in wax paper. Note: Tip design may differ from picture.


  • Condition: Military Surplus
  • Fitment: Steyr Mannlicher Rifle
  • Weight: .40 lb
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 25" Appx
   Steyr Cleaning Rod

M1 Garand Clip

A much requested new item! M1 Garand 8 round clip. This clip fits into the 30-06 cal M1 Garand rifle and automatically is ejected after last round is used. Can be reused, black parkarized finish. These are sold each, change the default 1 in the shopping cart to order more than one, you will want to stock up on these at this price!
STR-M1GCLIP $2.99 

Lula Mag Loader AK47

New product, made in Israel. An AK magazine loader and unloader all in one. Simple to use in either mode and weighs only 1.3 ounces! Made from a new hi-tech synthetic material. This revolutionary loader, called the LULA, fits in your pocket or shooting bag. It is military quality and will last a life time. Buy one and you will love it. No more worn out thumbs or busted knuckle unloading your AK magazines.

Lula Mag Loader M14

New product, made in Israel. An M14/M1A magazine loader and unloader all in one. Simple to use in either mode and weighs only 1.3 ounces! Made from a new hi-tech synthetic material. This revolutionary loader, called the LULA, fits in your pocket or shooting bag. It is military quality and will last a life time. Buy one and you will love it. No more worn out thumbs or busted knuckle unloading your M14 or M1A magazines.
MAG-LULAM14 $24.99

Swede Mauser Blank Firing Device

Swede Mauser blank firing devise for threaded barrel, These may be the last ones in the country and we are blowing them out!!! screws on the barrel then a lever flops over the front site!
COMP-MAUYM96053 $19.99

CZ52 Pistol Firing Pin

WOW! Look what we have found! CZ52 Pistol firing pin, these are surplus and look in new condition. Put away a spare of this hard to find firing pin!
PAR-CZFP CZ52 Pistol FP $18.99 

Romanian Rifle Firing Pin

Romanian M1969 22 rifle firing pin, New
PAR-ROMFP $12.95

Mini Light Adapter

Mini Light Adapter, holds mag light in scope ring! This is the ring adapter only, flashlight and ring not included.
MNT-MLA0100 $3.49 

AR15 Accuwedge Buffer

Fits near your takedown pin and keeps the upper section snug and tight against the lower. Increases accuracy, decreases vibration and prevents wear. This is a must have accessory for the AR!
ACC-TBTARWEDGE Buffer Wedge $5.99
Need more! 3 pack special!
ACC-TBTARWEDGEX3 3pack $14.99

AK Buffer

AK recoil buffer, stop the slamming of your bolt to the reciever! Fits AK, Valmet and Galil rifles! Protects your bolt from developing a mushroom shape. Adds greatly to the life of your AK, these are a must for all AK type firearms!
ACC-AKBUF2 $9.99

FAL Buffer

FAL recoil buffer, stop the slamming of your bolt to the reciever!

Mini 14/30 Buffer

Recoil Buffer Mini 14/30 ACC-RUGBUF

Protect that prized Ruger Mini 14 or Mini 30 rifle with this recoil buffer. Protects your OP rod from direct contact with the receiver. Allows your rifle to last longer, shoot better and be more of a pleasure to use. This is a must have accessory for your Ruger.

ACC-RUGBUF Ruger Mini14/30 Recoil Buffer $13.99

Detailed Information:

Buffer Technologies Ruger, MINI-14/30 Recoil Buffer
The Mini-14/30 Recoil Buffer works the same as the M1A/M14 Buffer, by eliminating the op rod contact with the receiver. The Mini-14/30 Recoil Buffer will protect your operating rod, the weak link in the system, from excessive shock. With a Recoil Buffer installed you'll have less felt recoil, more muzzle stability, less action noise, and will extend the service life of your weapon
The Mini-14/30 Recoil Buffer fits onto the recoil spring guide rod. As with all other models of the Recoil Buffer, installation is simple and can be done without any special tools.
The Mini-14/30 Recoil Buffer differs from others in our line of products, in that it does not end the metal to metal contact of the bolt to receiver. For a Mini-14/30 or M1A/M14 to operate reliably, the bolt must impact the receiver with each firing of the weapon. This contact is required to prevent excessive stress on the roller cam on the side of the bolt.(will not fit series numbered 1801-1809.)


  • Product: Recoil Buffer
  • Weight: 0.15 oz
  • Size: 1x1x1/8"
   Mini 14/30 Buffer

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Cleaning Kits and Supplies

Gun Oil

We are proud to offer one of the finest gun oils on the market. We brought this to our area over 15 years ago and now offer it to the world through our site. This oil clings to metal like no other, protecting your weapon in all climates and conditions!
Lucas Gun Oil, Developed to prevent jamming and over-heating in large machine guns and high caliber rifles is also great for recreational rifle and hand gun enthusiast.
LUCAS Gun Oil is designed to stand up to the high combustion temperatures of machine guns. It also totally protects against moisture and is completely odorless. It resists evaporation and drying during long term storage.
Key Benefits
Excellent for long-term storage
Use on fishing reels
Excellent household all purpose oil, 2 fl oz bottle
CHE-10006 $3.99

Cleaning Rod K98 Mauser 10 In Long

Cleaning rod for the early -1936 K98 Mauser 10" long new condition.
PAR-K98CR200 $12.99 

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Safety Equipment

Safety Glasses Yellow Tint

Shooting and Safety Glasses Yellow Lens ACC-SAF002

Comfortable shooting glasses protect your eyes out shooting, hunting or during any activities that you need eye protection. Another David's Collectibles best of items! Also great for increased vision at night or cloudy conditions.

ACC-SAF002 Safety Glasses Yellow Tint $9.87 

Detailed Features:

  • Smart design with wrap around lens for comfort and protection
  • Protection from debris and flying objects
  • UV Coated for eye protection from sun


  • Scratch Resistant Coating
  • Shatterproof Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 Standards for use in Industrial Applications
  • UV400 Filter for Maximum UV Protection
  • Nylon Frame
  • Rubber Ear Pads
  • Clear, Smoke and Yellow Tint Lenses
   Safety Glasses Yellow Tint

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