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CR1620 Lithium Battery

Battery 3V CR1620 lithium battery. Fits many models of the UTG Leapers red dots and scopes.
Crosses with part numbers DL1620, ECR1620, BR1620, 280-208, DL1620B, BR1620-1W, CR1620-1W, KCR1620, LM1620, 5009LC, L08.
7 year shelf life, great item to pack away or keep a few spares around.
BAT-CR1620 $5.99

Battery CR2032 Lithium 3V BAT-CR2032

Your device demands a better battery, why settle. These Tickbitesupply CR2032 lithium batteries are designed to hold up when others do not. Reliable and long lasting, these batteries are designed for rigorous hard use under the most demanding conditions. Use in our Dot sights, scopes and lasers using the CR2032 battery.
3V Lithium Coin Battery
Designed for several devices including watches, calculators, computers and laptops, cameras, PDA's, scanners and pet training devices, the CR2032 3V lithium coin battery is light weight, reliable and long lasting.
Item number: BAT-CR2032
Weight: 0.1000 lbs
Voltage: 3V
Number of Cells: 1
Primary Applications: Lithium Coin Applications
Replaces: 136175B21, 33F8354, 4LW11, 5004LC, 75481, AUDBPCR2032, BR2032, COMP141, COMP1412VLS, COMP32, COMP32PANA, COMP32SANYO, CR2032, CR2032WR, CR2035, DAICR2032BP, DL2032B, DURDL2032B, ECR2032BP, EVRECR2032, F125080001, F1253A, FEDCR2032, GPCR2032, JABCR2032, KCR2032, L14, L9KECR20321, LIT0155, LIT2800, MD1BPLCR2032, PANCR-2032PA/1B, PE2021, RAYKECR2032-1, RFA3511, SBT15, SBT51, WAC0205
BAT-CR2032 $2.99

357 Button Battery

Battery 357 Button Style
You can get cheaper batteries, but these are made in Germany and the quality is the best we have found. When your life depends on your battery powered devise working would you settle of anything else?
357 Silver Oxide 1.5V Watch Battery SMC357
Freshness guaranteed. Quality and reliability included. Replaces an original 357, 303, LR44, SR44 battery.
Item number: 357
Weight: 0.1000 lbs
Voltage: 1.5V
Primary Applications: Watch, toys, handheld equipment and more.
Replaces: 10L14, 1128MP, 1130SO, 1131SO, 1154, 1166A, 1406SOP, 1414A, 228, 23469, 28003, 28008, 280904, 3031, 4034PX, 4G13, 521, 541, 5U085, 76580935, 7H34, 871B, A, A76, A761, A76BP, AG13, AS01330, AUD357 , BS07, CL811B, CL811C, COMBOIII, CX44, D303, D357, D357H, D76A, EPX27, EPX675, EPX76, EVR1234 , EVR303, EVR357-303TS, EVR357-MERGE06252011, EVR357303VP, EVR357VP, EVRA76B, EVRA76BP, EVRA76BPZ, EXP76, G13, and more...
BAT-357 $2.99

392 Button Battery

Battery 392 Button Style
You can get cheaper batteries, but these are made in Germany and the quality is the best we have found. When your life depends on your battery powered devise working would you settle of anything else?
Silver Oxide 392 Watch Battery SMC392
Item number: 392
Weight: 0.1000 lbs
Voltage: 1.5V
Primary Applications: Replaces a 384, 1135, 1134, SR41 watch cell Replaces: 1134SO, 1135SO, 192, AG3, AS01325, EVR384, EVR392-384TS, EVR392-MERGE06252011, G3A, G53, GP192, GP392, K, L736C, L736H, LR41, LR736, PY392, REN392-5, SG3, SMC384, SR41L, SR41W, TR41SW, TR41W, TR736W, V384, V3GA, WAC5195

BAT-392 $2.99

Battery 393

Battery 393 Silver Oxide Button SR754W BAT-393

Battery fits a lot of products including laser's, dot sights as well as watches and hearing aids. High Quality battery from David's Collectibles replaces weak units, always keep a few spares on hand.

BAT-393 Button Battery $4.99 

Detailed Information:

High quality 1.55V silver oxide button battery. Designed to give outstanding service under all conditions. Also known as AG5, 309, 393, 193, LR754, LR48, D309


  • Item Number: SMC393
  • Brand: Renata (brand may vary)
  • Voltage: 1.5
  • Format: 393
  • Chemistry: Silver Oxide
  • Product Category: Watch/Hearing Aid
  • Weight: 0.0036 lbs
   battery 393

AG5 Battery 2 Pack

Battery Button AG5 2pk 393A LR754 BAT-AG5X2

Battery Pack of 2 of our AG5 alkaline bateries. Batteries are 1.55 volts and are used in many of your dot sights, lights and lasers. Batteries feature long shelf life and are a great value priced for your devices that use this button battery.

BAT-AG5X2 $3.99 

Detailed Information:

Battery cross references to SR754W, SR48, SR754, SR754W, L754, F, V393, D393, 255, S754E, GP393, AG5, AG-5, 393, SG5, LR750, LR48, LR754, L750, RW28, 393, 393S, 393A, 393X, 393B, D309, 393B, SR48SW, V309, RW48, UCC 393, G5, G5A, 15, 48, 193, 309, 546, 309-1W, and others.
Usage: Laser pointers, Clocks, Watches, Calculators, Computers, Cameras, Digital cameras, PDAs, Remote controls, Camcorders, Electronic games, Electronic instruments, MP3 players, Digital voice recorders, Toys, Blood glucose, Cholesterol testing meters, Hundreds of other electronic products.


  • Size: 7.9 × 5.4mm
  • Volt: 1.55
  • Weight: 0.014g
   AG5 Battery 2 Pack

123 Lithium Battery

123A, CR123, AB123A Lithium Battery fits lots of Taclights and Green Laser.
BAT-123 $5.99

Battery CR2 Lithium 1 Battery - BAT-CR2-1

David's Collectibles tickbitesupply division brings your quality batteries that do not fail when you really need them. These batteries have a ten year shelf life, pick up extra's today! Lithium batteries deliver long lasting power to you Dot sight, laser rangefindeer,camera, flash, or other device, even in the most extreme temperatures. You can find a cheaper battery, but what good does that do if it does not work when you need it? Please note picture is for reference only, we use many battery manufacturers, graphics and packaging on batteries will vary. Single use Non rechargable battery. Great for high demand high drain devices.

  • Item number: BAT-CR2
  • Weight: 0.1000 lbs
  • Voltage: 3V
  • Type: Lithium
Primary Applications: Fits Models by Canon, Fuji, Kodak, Pentax, dot sights, laser rangefinders and more Replaces: 5046LC, B271, DLCR2, DLCR2B, EL1CR2, EL1CRBP, GPCR2, KCR2, LITH22PANA, MAXCR2, MAXCR2B, NT2, PHO0210, RLCR2-1 , RLCR22, RLCR2L, TR15270
BATT-CR2 Single Battery $3.99 

CR1/2AA Battery

Battery used in electronic equipment and used in our LASGRMINI green taclight.
BAT-CR1/2AA $9.99

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Backup Battery

UPS Battery

Battery UPS Multi Use BAT-SLAA6-7.2F

Battery designed for use in various UPS power back ups as well as emergency exit lighting. Battery is a quality long use and dependable power source. Keep an extra on hand, they will always fail when you least expect it. Another tickbitesupply problem solver.


  • Trusted Duracell Ultra power
  • Designed for back up or cycling applications
  • 50 to 150 cycles at 100% discharge
  • Best used in emergency lighting, UPS,
     backup power and security systems
  • F1 0.187 terminal
  • Price is with core exchange -
     environmental fees may apply


  • Item Number: SLAA6-7.2F
  • Brand: Duracell Ultra
  • Voltage: 6
  • Lead Acid Type: General Purpose
  • Capacity: 7.2AH
  • Chemistry: Lead Acid
  • Lead Acid Design: AGM
  • Product Category: Sealed Lead Acid
  • Terminal Type: F1, T1, Faston .187
  • Weight: 2.7178 lbs
  • Size: 6x 1 1/2 x 3 1/2"
  • BAT-SLAA6-7.2F Battery $22.87 

    Battery WKA12-7F2 Power Supply/UPS

    Werker 12Volt 7Ah AGM Battery .250 Terminal WKA12-7F2
    Werker AGM batteries are quality built and inspected for performance. Great value and reliable power. This battery has 0.250" faston terminals.
    Item number: WKA12-7F2
    Weight: 4.8000 lbs
    Voltage: 12V
    Capacity: 7AH
    Primary Applications: Back up power, UPS, security and much more. Replaces: 05201050BAT, 0M7084, 182735, 23275, 6DFM5, 6DW9, 6FM6, 6FM6A, 6FM7, 791181624, B00007, BAT0062, BAT0370, BD712, BERBC31, BP127F, BP712RT, BT712, CB1270, CFM12V65, CP1270 , CS36D12V, DG127F, EP1229W, EP1234W, ES712FRT2, EVA12-7.5F2 , F6C127BAT, FG20722, GNBSP12V7F1, GP1270, GP1270F2, GP1272, GP1272F2, GT12080HG, HE12V77, HEPNP712, HEPNP712FR, HG712, HP712, HR1234WF2, HR1234WFR, HR912, LC-R127CH1, LC-R127R2CH1, LCP127R2P, LCR127R2E1, LCR127R2P, LCR129CH1, LCR12V65BP1, LCR12V65P, LCR12V65P1, and more...
    BAT-WKA12-7F2 $32.99

    Battery 8AH 12V AGM Power Supply/UPS BAT-SLA12-8F2

    8 amp hour Replacemant battery for battery back ups and some emergency lighting. Quality battery gives great service, another tickbitesupply.com problem solver. 12V 8Ah AGM Battery .250 Terminal SLA12-8F2. Choose this quality battery for more power for your money. Get more power in the same footprint as a 7Ah or 7.5Ah battery. Tickbitesupply batteries are quality built for performance and reliable power. Trust our battery to get the job done. Duracell number DURA12-8F2. Manufacturer may vary, quality will not.


    • Item number: BAT-SLA12-8F2
    • Weight: 5.0 lbs
    • Voltage: 12V
    • Capacity: 8AH
    • Size: 6x2 1/2x 3 1/2"

    Primary Applications: UPS, security, back up power and more.

    Replaces: 05201050BAT, 0M7084, 1061905, 1075, 12CE7.5, 182391, 182735, 20819272, 23275, 2UKJ4, 2UKJ5, 2UKK2, 37141100, 477967, 5EFG8, 6DFM7, 6DW7, 6DW9, 6FM5, 6FM6, 6FM6A, 6FM7, 712BNP, 712VDS, AP1270F1, B00007, BAT0062, BAT0072, BAT0370, BD712, BE500U, BERBC31, BP127F, BP712, BSL1075, BT712, CA1270, CB1270, CB712, CF12V72, CFM12V62L, CFM12V65, CP1210, CP1270 , CS36D12V, CY0112, D126, D1272, D5743, DG126, DG127F, DGSDG12-7F , and more...

    BAT-SLA12-8F2 $34.87

    UPS Battery

    Battery 9AH 12V AGM Power Supply/UPS SLA12-9F2

    9 amp hour replacement battery for battery back ups as well as a lot of emergency lights. Outstanding perfomance from a quality battery with cycling applications. 50 to 150 cycles at 100% discharge. Best used in emergency lighting, UPS, Backup Power and security systems. F2 0.250 terminal, AGM SLA battery. Another tickbitesupply problem solver. Note that this battery can be used as an upgrade for the SLA12-8F2, direct replacement with longer run time.

    SLA12-9F2 $39.99 

    Detailed Information:

    Duracell AGM batteries are quality tested and inspected to insure the highest standards in performance. To keep you running throughout the day you can trust Duracell AGM batteries. Item number: WKA12-9F2/SLA12-9F2
    Primary Applications: UPS and back up power systems Replaces: 05201050BAT, 0M7084, 1061905, 1075, 12CE7.5, 12CE9, 182391, 182735, 20819272, 23275, 2UKJ4, 2UKJ5, 2UKK2, 37141100, 40748, 477967, 5EFG8, 6DFM7, 6DW7, 6DW9, 6FM5, 6FM6, 6FM6A, 6FM7, 6FM9, 712BNP, 712VDS, AP1270F1, B00025, BAT0062, BAT0072, BAT0370, BBBP912T2, BD712, BE500U, BP127F, BP712, BSL1075, CA1270, CB712, CB912, CF12V72, CFM12V62L, CFM12V65, CP1290, CP1290B1, CY0112, D126, D1272, D5743, DG126, DG127F, and more...


    • Condition: New
    • Weight: 6.3100 lbs
    • Voltage: 12V
    • Capacity: 9AH
    • Size: 6 x 2 1/2 x 3 1/2
       UPS Battery

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