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Rifle Scopes 1" Tube Diameter

Rifle Scopes 1" Non Illuminated

Non Illuminated  | Illuminated  

4x32 Full Length Scope

Great scope for lots of applications. Built on TS (True Strength) Foundation this scope is shockproof, fogproof and rainproof. Pecise 1/4 MOA per click windage and elevation finger adjustable turrets. Built in sunshade for all shooting conditions. Includes flip open lens caps, low profile Picatinny/Weaver rings.
SCO-SCP432FW $49.99 
Magnification: 4X   | Tube Diameter: 1 Inch
Objective Diameter: 32MM   | Field of View @ 100 yards: 34'
Eye Relief: 3.2"   | Exit Pupil: 8.0MM
Click Value @100 yards: 1/4"   | Length: 300mm
Weight: 10.8 oz   | Parallax Setting: 100 Yds

A: 285mm   | B: 146.5mm   | C: 57mm  
D: 58mm   | E: 72.55mm   | F: 78.9mm   | G: 41.3mm
H: 39mm   | I: 15mm  

4x32 Full Length Scope

4X32mm Range Estimating A.O. Full Size Master Sniper Scope (SCP-432AOMDTS)
Revolutionary Triple S Structure (Smart Spherical Structure) for the most effective telescopic functions Full size, adjustable objective scope, from 7.5 yards up 5th Gen square knob housing and finger adjustment knobs Mil-dot range estimating reticle Complete with flip-open lens caps, 2” sun shade and RGWM-25L2 AccuShot tactical rings

SCO-SCP432AOMDTS $59.99 
Magnification: 4x   Objective Daim: 32 mm
Field Of View@100yds: 35'  Eye Relief: 3.5 in
Exit Pupil: 8 MM   Click Value@100yds: 1/4" in
Length: 11.8in   Weight: 12.9 oz
Tube Dia.: 1"    Parallax Setting: 7.5yds-infinity

3x9-40 Full Size TF2 Scope

Just in time for the season, 3-9x40 full size scope, 1" diameter tube. Unit has the TS platform and TF2 zero locking and resetting target turrets. Mil dot reticle allows for windage and distance calculations on the fly. Unit comes with .22/Airgun dovetail rings, and includes flip up caps. Scope is nitrogen filled, fogproof and rainproof. One piece tube construction with built in sunshade.
SCO-SCPU394FDT2 $69.99 

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Rifle Scopes 1" Illuminated

4x32 Compact CQB RED/GREEN Illuminated Scope 4x32

New scope! Built On The True Strength(TS) Platform With Triple S Structure (Smart Spherical Structure) For Telescopic Functions! Side Wheel Red/Green Dual Illumination Rheostat For all weather and Weather And Light Conditions. Built-in Integral Sunshade, angled cut on front! Flip-Open Lens Caps and free set of 1" Accushot Rings. Parallax Adjusted at 100 Yards
SCO-SCP432ML1W $69.99

4X32 Mini Size CQB Scope
Model: SCP-432ML1W  Magnification: 4X Tube Dia.: 1"
Objective Dia.: 32 mm Field of View @100 yards: 28.0’
Eye Relief: 3.0"  Exit Pupil: 6mm Click Value@100 yards: 1/4”
Length: 7.7"  Weight: 9.5 oz  Parallax Setting: 100 yds Batteries:CR1620 3V

Shout it loud, another new Tickbite Tactical™ Release, Whew!

4x32 Illuminated Crossbow Scope

4x32 Mini Crossbow Scope with 5-Step Reticle
Built on True Strength Platform
Pro 5-Step Illumination Reticle for Aiming Reference
Side Wheel RED/GREEN Dual Illumination
Flip-open Lens Caps and 1” Accushot Rings
Built in Integral Sunshade
Parallax Adjusted at 50 Yards
This unit features Pro 5 Step Red/Green/Black Reticle for 10-, 20-, 30-, 40, and 50- yard distances. Calibrated for 300fps Crossbows! This unit has also proven to be very popular with precision 22 and airgun/airsoft shooters.
SCO-SCPCR432L5 $69.99

4X32 Mini 5 Step Reticle
Model: SCP-432ML1W  Magnification: 4X Tube Dia.: 1"
Objective Dia.: 32 mm Field of View @100 yards: 28.0’
Eye Relief: 3.0"  Exit Pupil: 6mm Click Value@100 yards: 1/4”
Length: 7.7"  Weight: 9.5 oz  Parallax Setting: 50 yds Batteries:CR1620 3V

NEW ITEM With HOMERUN pricing!

MIL Dot RED/GREEN Illuminated Scope

Here NOW a new line of scopes only we could offer!
Our new line of illuminated reticle scopes are in and shipping fast! How about multi position brightness control, flip up lens covers with windage and elevation adjustments! This addition to our Tactical line will top them all. We just had to bring you this Reticle Intensified Line of scopes with Mil Dot range estimating reticle! And to top all this, these have both RED and GREEN illumination. Each scope has both Red and Green Illumination built in, you flip the knob for the color and brightness you need! Exciting new Product! You control the color at the touch of a knob. What a scope! What a deal!

Scope Specs

Magnification-4x, Objective Diam-32mm
Field of View @100yds-28'
Eye Relief-3.5", Exit Pupil-6.0mm
Click Value @100yds-1/4"
Length-7.7", Weight-10.7 oz.
Battery-CR2032 3V Lithium
SCO-SCP432MEDL3 $69.99

6x32 AO Illuminated Scope

Another new release! Revolutionary Triple S Structure (Smart Spherical Structure) to simplify and strengthen inner/outer scope tube interaction to achieve the most effective telescopic functions. Features Adjustable Objective – Close up adjustment starting from 3 Yards! Mil-Dot Reticle! True Hunter Finger Adjustable Precision Windage/Elevation Adjustment! Side Wheel Red/Green Dual Illumination (positioned next to the windage/elevation adjustment knobs, rather than the traditional position on the ocular tube close to the eye piece) 2" Sniper Sun Shade! Sniper Black Flip-open Lens Covers. Once again, great product, great value-David's Does it again!

SCO-SCP632AOMDL2 $69.99 

Model: SCP-632AOMDL2
Magnification: 6 X
Objective Dia.: 32mm
Field of View @100 yards: 21.3’
Eye Relief: 76mm
Exit Pupil: 5.3mm
Click Value@100 yards: 1/4”
Length: 7.8”
Weight: 375g
Parallax Setting: 3 yds-infinity
Battery: CR2032 3V Lithium

Red/Green Illuminated 5th Gen Scope

One of the most requested scopes is finally shipping! Beautiful 3-9x40 scope, with dual Red and Green rheostat adjustable illumination. Full Size scope in 1in in Diameter, has an Adjustable Objective, Mil-Dot Range estimating Reticle, Emerald Coated Lens, Flip Open Lens Cover and includes a free metal sunshade! Revolutionary Triple S Structure (Smart Spherical Structure) for effective telescopic functions, Full size adjustable objective scope, from 5yds up. Hurry, the competition already has theirs!

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