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SKS Top Cover Retaining Pin

SKS Top Cover Retaining Pin PAR-SKSPIN

Replace that lost of damaged top cover receiver pin on your SKS with this David's Collectible replacement part. Simply slide the unit into your SKS's reciever, install the screw and you are done. Easily slip on your Receiver cover, slide the pin through the keyed slot, twist until it locks and you and done.


  • Finish: Blued
  • Weight: .3 oz
  • Material: Metal

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PAR-SKSPIN SKS Top Cover Retaining Pin $7.87 
SKS Top Cover Retaining Pin  

SKS Bolt And Bolt Carrier Kit

This may be getting close to the last chance to get these hard to find parts to put away for future repairs or to repair your existing SKS. We are cleaning out a corner of our warehouse to add more shelving space, don't let this pass you by. Another tickbitesupply.com find!
You get:
• Bolt
• Firing Pin
• Firing Pin retainer
• Extractor
• Extractor Spring
• Bolt Carrier

Sold Out


SKS Bolt Carrier in excellent condition. These may still have packing grease on them from long term storage. This is a must have item to put away for future use on your SKS rifle, or to repair your existing rifle. Another tickbitesupply.com hard to find item. Military Surplus, these appear to have very little use if any, may have been new rifle take offs. Small amount to sell.

SKS Trigger Group Spring PAR-SKSTRGSPR

Spring goes in SKS stock and locks in the SKS trigger group. These are used surplus, may have grease on them from long term storage. Another tickbitesupply.com hard to find item.

Don't let this one get by you, SKS original parts are getting very hard to find! We are cleaning out part of our warehouse for an expansion and ran across these


Bare Bolt for the SKS rifle. Bolt only, this is a surplus replacement part. Great for a spare as these items become hard to find, or as a repair part to complete your SKS project. Very limited amount of these on hand. Excellent to like new condition. Another tickbitesupply.com hard to find part
Sold Out


SKS Bolt Assembly Complete PAR-SKSBLTCOMP Complete bolt asssembly for the SKS rifle. Surplus bolt is great for a spare or to complete your project rifle. Used bolt is complete with firing pin, extractor, extractor spring all assembled are ready to put in your rifle. Another tickbitesupply.com hard to find item.

Sold Out
Don't let this one get by you, SKS original parts are getting very hard to find! We are cleaning out part of our warehouse for an expansion and ran across these

SKS Cleaning Rod

SKS cleaning rod, new condition. Fit all standard SKS rifles except the M59/66 Yugo SKS and the short barrel paratrooper SKS. Length is 17 1/4" long. See the rod for the M59/66 Yugo below

SKS M59/66 Yugo Cleaning Rod

SKS cleaning rod, new condition. Fits the M59/66 Yugo SKS only. This Yugo mfg SKS can be easily identified by the ladder rail front sight and the grenade launcher front. Rifle also has gas cut off on the front gas block.
PAR-SKS5966CLRD $12.99

SKS Stock Cross Bolt and Nut

Military surplus, original cross bolt with nut for the wooden stock SKS.

SKS Rear Butt Plate Kit

Complete rear buttstock for the wooden stock SKS rifle. Includes the rear metal buttplate, the trap door for the cleaning kit, and 2 screws. Military surplus very good condition.

SKS Sling Swivel Kit

Sling swivel and 2 screws for the SKS rifle wooden stock. These are for bottom swivel wood stocks. Unissued surplus, hurry these are in very limited numbers.

SKS Tritium Sight

SKS Complete Rear Sight Tritium Inserts PAR-SKS860561

Your trusty SKS is a great rifle, but under low light conditions the sights become useless. This SKS rear sight features Tritium lamps on each side of the V groove. Now you own low light enviroments. This is the complete rear site blade ready to install on your rifle, need a new tension spring under the blade, David's Collectibles stocks these as well, Item PAR-SKSSSPR.

PAR-SKS860561 Rear SKS Sight Tritium $147.87 

Product Features:

  • Sight blade with serrations
  • Fits SKS Rifles Soviet, Chinese, Romanian (not Yugo or Albanian)
  • Direct replacement of existing SKS rifle sight


  • Precise click adjustments on rear blade
  • Sight blade machined from a solid piece of steel
  • Push button tangent slide with rear sight
  • Increments for elevation adjustments up to 1000 meters
   SKS Tritium Sight

SKS Rear Sight Spring

Rear sight Spring for the SKS rifle. Unissued surplus, hurry these are in very limited numbers, replace that lost or damaged unit. Note:See our new sight assembly above!

SKS Front Sight Post

SKS front sight post. Screws into your SKS front sight assembley. Replace that broken or missing sight post while we have these available.

SKS Gas Tube With Handguard OD Green STK-SKSGTOD

SKS gas tube with handguard ready to install. Improved design features thicker metal to maintain gas seal under high heat, heavy use situations. Gas tube has handguard with picatinny rail for accessory mounting. Another tickbitesupply.com best seller for many years. Item is made in the USA.
Due to the varying sizes of factory SKS pistons, your factory piston may or may not have a proper fit with this gas tube. In some cases, a TAPCO® replacement gas piston must be purchased as well. Visit our web site for SKS gas piston. Does not fit the Yugo SKS model 59/66 with the grenade launcher and gas cut off valve at gas port. See our web site for this model's gas tube.
MFG# SKS6632 Olive Drab

SKS New Gas Tube w/Black Synthetic Handguard

SKS new gas tube with black synthetic handguard. Just the ticket for that SKS rifle, eliminates the need to change over your wood handguard and you also get a new heavier guage gas tube as well! Fits the Yugoslavian SKS rifle model M59/66.

Clip on Shell Deflector

JUST IN! Clip on shell deflector. Works great! Simply clip it on the rear sight, pull the sight adjuster up against the deflector, flip down the sight and you are in business. Use that long scope without the hassle of tedious shell deflectors.
PAR-SKSDEF SKS clip on Shell Deflector $7.99 

SKS Recoil Spring

SKS recoil spring in unused condition. Ready to install in your SKS rifle.
PAR-60062 $9.99

SKS Recoil Spring Guide

SKS recoil spring guide in unused condition. Ready to install in your SKS rifle.
PAR-60061 $7.99

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