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Mosin Stocks  | Mosin Sling and Stock Accessories  

Mosin Stocks

Mosin Nagant Archangel Stock

Mosin Nagant Archangel stock set. Stock fits all variations of the Mosin Nagant rifles. Drop in fit, fully adustible stock fits Russian, Romanian, Finnish, Chinese and Hungarian Mosin's. (note that the PU sniper will require some modification to attach original mount) Built entirely of lightweight, carbon fiber reinforced polymer. Impervious to weather, and will withstand all standard gun solvents and oils. The Archangel Mosin Nagant Stock is tough as nails, and will deliver outstanding accuracy shot after shot, decade after decade.
Kit Includes: One Mosin Nagant Stock kit with one 5 Round Magazine. See below. Scope and scope mount not included in stock package but are available on our site, Quick release sling mount is also available SLI-TTQD, on our sling accessory page
Sold Out, more comming in soon!

Features: QD sling swivel attachment points, adjustible stock length, adjustible cheek rest, free float or tensioned front fore, detachable magazine, rubber butt pad, carbon fiber construction.

Bipod Kit for the Archangel (AA9130) Rifle Stock

Bipod and Mount Kit for Archangel Mosin Nagant Stock BIP-AABIPKT
Kit fits the AA9130 Archangel Mosin Nagant stock system. Mounts through pre made holes in bottom of stock. Allows for easy installation and solid mounting. Included bipod is fully adjustable and rugged. Kit includes back nut, stud, bipod mount and bipod. Another product. note: Stock not included

-Easy installation
-All metal mount
-Solid lock up
-Adjustable bipod

Mosin Nagant Monte Carlo Stock

Mosin Nagant Monte Carlo stock. Fits all versions of the Mosin Nagant rifle. Turn that rifle into the tack driver you know is there! Scope and scope mount not included but available on site.
STK-MOSMC $73.99

MosMax™ Stock and Sling Kit

Mosin Nagant Monte Carlo stock and Sling Kit. MosMax™ Kit includes our STK-MOSMC stock with 2 of our SLI-SS1 QD sling swivels and our great SLI-GB605 sling. And save ten bucks at the same time. Another great deal for you!

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Mosin Slings and Stock Accessories

Sling with 2 QD Swivels

Have our Mosin Nagant Monte Carlo Stock and need the sling? This is the kit!
Universal Black sling adjustible for length. Includes 2 QD sling swivel's for use with all stocks with sling swivel studs. Great package for both rifles and shotguns. Your gun has the studs, we have the sling and swivels. Sling can also be used on guns with sling swivel's already on gun. Sling is 1 1/4 inches wide and 1" at swivel end. Don't have the studs, we have the studs on our SLINGS page, under Sling Accessories.
SLI-TBT02KIT $19.99

Mosin Nagant Rubber Butt Pad

Here we go again, new product release, whew! You requested a rubber butt pad for the wooden stock on your Mosin for the recoil. You also wanted the stock a little longer! And you did not want a flimsly slip on pad! Here is our newest release, a bolt on (uses existing butt plate screws) pad that adds 1" to the length of the rifle and is a great recoil reducer!

Mosin Nagant Rare Dark Blue Sling SLI-MOSWEBBL

From Eastern Europe come these rare Mosin Nagant surplus slings in excellent condition. These slings were used by the Navy, on their small arms. These are in great condition and may show some signs of long term storage. A rare addition to any Mosin Nagant collection Slings are dark blue in color and the leather ends are black. Another best of the best finds, hurry limited supply!

Mosin Nagant Web Sling With Dog Collars SLI-MOSWEBN

New production Mosin Nagant sling for your prized rifle. Leather Dog Collar ends go through wooden stock cut outs and sling is fully adjustable. High quality new production means you get the best product for your rifle. Another best seller!
• Green heavy duty web
• High quality buckle
• Metal Adjuster

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